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"A great tool for those of us managing our own social media accounts, quick and easy to understand information laid out perfectly."

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What You Need to Know About EIA

At Expert Influencer Academy we help you build engagement through compassion using our KPI + P4M Method.

This allows you to become the expert, build stronger communities, and drive cash-flow so that you can create opportunities one post at a time.

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Looking for monthly help in managing your social media? We offer several different levels of assistance on 5 different platforms. We take the stress out of having to post updates yourself. 



We offer live training and consulting, either in groups or one-on-one to manage your top five social media accounts. We help YOU learn how to grow your audience and monetize your business.


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The Top 5 Social Media Platforms

We excel at creating engaging, personal and rewarding strategies on the following platforms.

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Our online training courses are designed to give you the knowledge you need to develop deeply personal, highly engaging, money making content strategies that are easy to follow and implement. 


We show you step by step how to leverage the power of the top five social media platforms and affiliate marketing to position yourself as a KEY PERSON OF INFLUENCE in your target market or niche.


When complete, you’ll be able to produce engaging, money making content like a natural.


Our video based Podcast is a great way to stay current in the social media marketing world. Every week we bring you tips, expert interviews and actionable plans that will help position you as a key person of influence in your target market.


We show you how to build communities, long-lasting relationships and time-tested strategies that will allow you to dominate the competition.


We believe everyone has a story, and if you’re a proven expert in your field, we would love to have you on our show as a guest.


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"I was recently featured in a podcast with Expert Influencer Academy.

If you have the opportunity to sit down to talk with Charles, do it. Charles is a knowledgeable guy and the experience is intriguing."

Jeff Clanton Web Developer Entrepreneur

We want to take a moment to personally welcome you to our website. For most people, they will come to a website, poke around, maybe click a few things and then leave.


I commend you for valuing education and wanting to further explore the realm of Social Media Marketing. It’s a lot of work, but in the end it is totally worth the sacrifice. 10 years ago we set upon our journey into the brand building world. It’s taken a lot of hit and miss, but over these years with lots of practice, good information and trial & error, we’ve been able to successfully build multiple brands on some pretty incredible platforms! 


We’ve successfully worked with brands such as Samsung Smartthings, Inc. Media, Young Professionals of Martin County, Habitat for Humanity, Dominos Cat Rescue, Buddy Walk, Hibiscus Children's Center, Keiser University, and MTV.

The Journey has been long and the hours have been relentless, but in the end it is worth it. We are able to live life on our own terms. We are now able to look back and help you along your journey. We hope that you find value on this site and in our brand. We hope it serves you well. Take the information inside and apply it. Learn from our mistakes as we guide you on how to avoid the pitfalls of growing your brand and expanding your influence.

We look forward to growing with you!

~Charles and Teea



Social Media Checklist

Effectively Build Your Brand on Social Media

Knowing Which Platforms to spend your time, creativity and money on can be incredibly confusing when you are just starting out on Social Media. Three out of four new start-up businesses fail, and not being able to get your message to your target audience is a huge reason why. Do you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to spread your message? Which platform will give you the highest return on your investments? These are the exact questions we answer in Social Media Checklist. Let me be your guide as I help you avoid the common pitfalls and time consuming, expensive mistakes that most people starting out make. I’ll be sharing with you statistics on each site and then I will make an argument for why we are on the site and why we think that you should be there too. Finally I will wrap up each section with
five amazing power tips that you can start implementing right now!




This is a gold mine of valuable info for the beginner and a great refresher for the pro!

The information in this book is put together well and gives very helpful history on the major social media platforms. I am well versed in the social media marketing world and still found the tips quite thought provoking. This is a must have for any beginner in the social media marketing world, and a great refresher for the pro!


Affective tips in navigating through the different social media platforms

This book cuts through all the informational noise and breaks it down to bite size information that is easy to comprehend and apply. It gives a background for each social media platform on the list. The strength for each and how to best use the platform to optimize your reach towards your target audience. It help me see social media as more than a place to connect with family and friends but as a tool to reaching my audience and growing my business.