5 Power Tips for Using Twitter

Twitter has become the voice of a generation. Twitter boasts about 328 million monthly active users and it is a great way for you to connect directly with your audience.

If you're on twitter or thinking about using twitter, here are 5 power tips to take your tweet game to the next level.

#1. Build a Base Line: When just starting out on the platform you want to tweet early and often. Obviously tweeting every five minutes is a great way to drive off followers, but experiment with posts at different times of the day and track engagement. You might find that your audience is more of the morning crowd, while others might check twitter at lunch. Fire off tweets and keep an eye on them, then build your posting schedule around that.

#2 Jump On Trending Topics: Beautiful thing about twitter is that you can pull up all the conversations that are taking place around you niche. Are you a motivator? Search motivational topics by weekday. Cooking brands can check all the best recipes from the day and retweet them for more engagement. Trending topics is a great way to build followers.

#3 Comment More than you Broadcast: This one is probably the best Power tip out of all the power tips combined. Hardly anyone is doing this. If you want to build your audience fast, Jump into the conversation. Get your hands dirty and problem solve with the community. Offer real, expert advice. Don’t brag about yourself or Spam everyone on how awesome your page is. Offer real, valuable solutions. This accomplishes two things. One: It sets you up as an immediate authority on your topic. Two: It builds tremendous curiosity and those people are more likely to go check out your channel. If your consistent and on topic, BOOM. You’ve got yourself another follower.

#4 280 Characters New Limit: In 2017 Twitter made the decision to expand the character limit of the platform from 140 to 280 total characters. This is HUGE! Now you have double the space to share meaningful and valuable content to your followers.

#5 Limit Your Spam: Using that sweet double space to load up on extra hashtags is a complete waste of precious space. On average you should only use three to four hashtags per post on Twitter. Using more gets really annoying and users are more likely to just scroll past your post. Try filling that space with value adding content instead. The key to twitter is building that connection in conversation. Not only are you building rapport directly with others, but the public is keeping an eye on how you perform as well. Remember the quote from the movie Gladiator – “Win the crowd, win your freedom”.

Armed with these simple tips, now you are ready to dominate the twitter market and reach your maximum potential audience.

Charles Watson


Expert Influencer Academy

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