Become a Social Media Thought Leader

Thought Leadership is one of the most popular "buzzwords" used in marketing today.

The term was coined in 1994 by Joel Kurtzman. Joel worked as the editor-in-chief of a magazine called Strategy & Business. According to Kurtzman, a thought leader is recognized in their industry by other professionals, peers and customers as the go to expert on any subject in any niche.

The world is changing and being an expert is big business. Google has changed everything, now anyone with an internet connection can get more information than they will ever need. Information overload has created three vacuums in the landscape today: Meaning, Relevance and Engagement.

These are the elements that today's most successful thought leaders bring to the table. If you can master them, then you've got a great shot at making an exciting and passionate career as a thought leader. So how do start your journey on the road to thought leadership? Social Media of course, and we’ve got some tips to get you started.

#1 Position

In order to become a thought leader, you must first position yourself as an expert in your niche or marketspace. One of the fastest ways to accomplish this is to create content around your area of expertise. Blogs on Blogger are a great way to start.

Blogger is free to use and you can start creating immediately. Video content posted to Facebook and YouTube are another great way to start. Your goal here is to provide helpful information to those who are interested in your topic and slowly build a community around them.

#2. Package

At some point you are going to want to start creating online courses, how-to-content, podcasts and even ebooks around your content.

This allows your community and target market to engage with you further and invest in your product. The best way to offer these products to your potential clients is through e-commerce. Platforms like Facebook have a marketplace, or you can set up a website and sell the products directly.

If physical products like Jewelry, crafts or gaming computers are your niche, then investigate setting up an online e-commerce shop. Sites like Etsy and eBay, and Amazon are great sites for setting up e-commerce stores.

#3 Promote

In order to be successful and to land a chance of being a consultant, working with brands and to generate name recognition, you’re going to have to promote your message to the public.

Family and friends are a great starting point. Make sure you invite them to join your community by following your fan pages and business accounts on all the social media platforms you engage in.

Someone you know may have a friend that will be interested in your niche. Another great way to build awareness is to take advantage of native social media advertising features. You can start small and target your general location.

Being specific when defining your advertising will drive down costs and get your message to those who want to see it.

#4 Partner

Eventually you are going to want to partner with others in your niche or market space. A great way to do this is to create content and invite other experts to join in.

It’s not uncommon for experts to collaborate with one another. At Expert Influencer Academy, we have a podcast called Social-Light, where we invite fellow entrepreneurs and business owners to share their story with our audience.

This is a great way to provide original content, position yourself as an expert, and get others to share what you created. Most of the time, though not obligated to, experts will share content that they are featured in. This is a great strategy for rapidly growing your business.

Thought Leadership is a multibillion dollar industry, following these tips will get you started in the right direction.

Charles Watson - MBA


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