Benefits of Google My Business Listing

The days of the local phone book is coming to an end. Today businesses are moving their local marketing efforts online and with over 3.7 billion global mobile internet users as of 2018, it’s easy to see why. Moving local marketing efforts online makes your business easier to find, easier to connect with prospects and easier to build customer loyalty. So how do you get your company or brand out in front of your potential customers? Get listed in the Google My Business Listing. Here are five more reasons why you should.

#1 Show Up in Google Maps Searches

Google reports that next to online reviews, the second most important factor that consumers consider when searching for a local business is proximity to their location. Sure, a quick Google search is great for narrowing down the options, most consumers utilize Google Maps to locate a business nearby.

Whether users search for a local mechanic or a popular spot to grab a bite to eat, Google Maps quickly populates dozens of red markers, each indicating a local business that meets their search criteria. A Google My Business Listing will ensure that your location will start to pop up for local searches as well.

#2 Earn Trust from Customers

Building trust is one of the biggest hurdles that companies have to face. Building trust in your market space allows potential customers to confidently make a purchase from you. As a business owner your job is to help those customers take that leap of faith as easily as possible. To make this happen one of the simplest steps you can take is to show your potential prospects that you have a physical location.

Most Google users inherently trust the platform, and that works in your favor. When your business pops up in a local search, prospects will be more willing to trust your brand. Statistics show that businesses that pop up in Google are 2.7 times more likely to be considered reputable by consumers. Thanks to the multiple and lengthy verification process to be listed, Google creates a trustworthy environment that users can rely on.

#3 Star Ratings Boost Your Appeal

Internet business is ruled by the power of the customer review. Think about the last time you made an online purchase or visited a physical location. Did you do so because of an online review? Your customers are no different. Google My Business Listing allows customers to review your business and leave feedback about the experiences they had. This type of customer interaction will allow you to get an honest evaluation about what you’re doing right, but more importantly, what you need to improve on. Another benefit is the nifty star rating that will appear next to your business listing on Google.

As you continue to provide excellent products, customer service and over all experience, your reviews and stars will continue to grow. This will give your business authority, credibility, and make it easier to do business. This sort of system is critical when building a competitive edge in your marketspace.

#4 Increased Traffic and Sales

While there is no way to completely guarantee that you’ll have increased foot traffic and digital traffic having a Google My Business listing can greatly increase your numbers across the board. Just by having a listing and showing up in local searches, Google reports that businesses are as much as 70% more likely to attract location visits and website hits. Even more impressive is that customers who find a brand through a Google search are more than 50% more likely to make a purchase from the business.

#5 Rank Higher in Results

The more Google knows about your business and the more it likes it, the higher you will rank in the search engine results. A Google My Business Listing gives the search engine an opportunity to learn more about you and the type of business you run. The more quality, consistent and accurate information you provide, the more the search engines will like you and the higher you will climb. Posting regularly, interacting with customers via reviews and using the My Business platform as a social media site will give the search engine more fuel to drive you to the top.

Google’s search results are getting smarter and more robust. With added answer boxes, related questions, and content appearing in the search suggest drop down menu, the benefits of Google My Business lets local businesses cater to those potential clients that are actively looking for your products or services. Want to learn more? Reach out to Expert Influencer Academy and let us know that you are looking to get listed in Google My Business today.

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