Benefits of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing or WOMM as it is refereed to in the marketing world, if one of the fastest and most effective ways of growing your brand or business. WOMM is usually different than traditional marketing in that it occurs more naturally and it can have a more significant effect. Here are a few benefits from Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

FREE - One of the biggest benefits of WOMM is that it is 100% FREE. If you can get your customers to talk to other potential customers about your product then you've done the heavy lifting. Make sure your interactions with clients is friendly, honest and value adding. If you can pull these off, then overtime, you'll create a little marketing army out there championing your brand.

Keeps Going - Unlike traditional marketing WOMM has longevity. It doesn't stop once you run out of funds for the campaign. WOMM is all about getting customers to start up conversations about you and your product. A tweet, a post on a social media site, a shout out to your website, all of these are instant advertising that you can capitalize on.

Easy to Start - Starting a WOMM campaign is as easy as making sure your customers have a great experience with your business or brand. When they get excited, they will spread the message. Make your customers matter. Treat them like they are special, pay attention to them. In return, they will do the same.

Word-of-mouth marketing is an absolute must for businesses today. While the way that consumers talk has changed (online social media sites vs. telephone conversations), the fact that consumers talk about businesses hasn’t.

Charles Watson


Expert Influencer Academy

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