Build Organic Reach on Your Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business or Personal Brand Page is a great way to bring in organic traffic. Organic traffic (or reach) means that people are naturally attracted to your business and that you don’t have to spend money to grow your audience.

Facebook loves to see pages that have organic reach. The reward for this is that you are more likely to be shown in news feeds and your paid advertising will have a greater reach as well. Simplified, Facebook deems you popular and likeable.

Being able to achieve organic reach will mean that the Facebook algorithm will favor your content over others who are struggling to create an organic impact.

Free marketing on Facebook can come in different forms. One of these forms comes in the creation of a Facebook Business Page.

Today’s audience wants more. They want a real connection with the faces, products and services that you offer. They want the inside scoop on who you are, what you care about and what your business or brand means for them.

Incorporating these things will add to the many layers of intimacy between you and your target market. Consumers today are tired of the soulless and faceless corporations. They want loyalty, trust and a face to engage with. Deliver this, and you’ll hit it out of the park!

So how do you build organic reach on your Facebook Business Page? I’ve got a few tips to get you started.

#1 Work on Your Position (Authority)

Working on your position is not about how many likes you can gain.

The number of likes your page has gives you no indication on how your content is performing.

Positioning is all about building your influence, community, and credibility, in your selected market.

When you build your position, you gain the ability to command your audience to action. This means that they are more likely to engage with your content, drive traffic to your website and generate more leads and sales for your business.

Some tips on building your position or authority could include;

· Constantly reinforcing your mission statement.

· Constantly posting content that is relevant to your business space and target audience.

· Posting original and native content like research reports, case studies, interviews with other experts in your niche.

Track your content’s results in Facebook Analytics. Over time you’ll be able to see what works and more importantly what doesn’t. Create more content around the topics that have the most engagement. This will significantly increase your chance of growing your organic reach.

#2 Publish Evergreen Content

Strategy is key when it comes to marketing on Social Media. Too often people don’t put any time and effort into the things they are posting. Remember, each post is a new opportunity to connect with someone who is seeing your brand or business for the very firsts time.

Whatever your goals are for your Facebook page (generate revenue, drive traffic, build a community) evergreen content is the most effective and powerful tool that you have in your arsenal.

Evergreen or “timeless content” is content that will never go out of date. This type of content will work for you 24-7/365. This type of content usually focuses on problems that affect either the environment, human needs, or emotional needs.

Some tips on how to write evergreen or timeless content include;

* Avoid words that bring up the idea of time.

*Avoid mentioning dates.

*Focus on issues that are ongoing and never end (money, time, fitness)

This type of content is powerful. If you can make your content relatable, then you have a greater chance of driving traffic and growing organically.

#3 Post Native Content

Native Content basically means that you are posting your content directly on the Facebook platform. Facebook (like most social media platforms) wants it's users to stay on Facebook. The algorithm rewards you with higher position and greater reach when you keep your original content on Facebook. According to Social Media Today a new "report shows that Facebook native video significantly outperforms third party links."

These findings show and underline the need to post platform specific content on each social network. Use the platforms the way the developers intended. Facebook favors native content over outside sources. Period.

Some tips on how to produce native content can include;

* Upload videos directly onto Facebook.

*Go Live

*Use a posting schedule to keep your content consistent

Native content keeps users on the Facebook platform for longer and helps boost their own engagement and view rates. In the long run, Facebook will reward you for doing so.

You will always outperform your competition on Facebook, if you're keeping it engaging and native.

Building organic reach on your Facebook business page doesn't have to be complicated.

Following the strategies in this article will help you focus your attention, stay on target and grow your business or brand in an organic fashion. In turn, this will lead to more prospects, leads, and eventually more money.

Charles Watson


Expert Influencer Academy

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