Building Your Social Audience - 3 Tips

Building your brand or market on social media can be tough. So many algorithms, rules and regulations to keep in mind. Not only are you responsible for creating content, but you also have the challenge of getting that content out to your potential customers, supporters and public. Luckily here at Expert Influencer Academy, we've narrowed it down to three simple strategies that you can implement right now for fast results.

#1 Valuable Content - To get people to connect with you, you first have to make the effort of connecting with people. Is your message adding value to your audience? Help your audience solve problems, guide them through a step by step process. Show them why your brand, product or service is vital for your costumer to use to make their life better. Adding instant value and putting your customers and target audience first will convey that you have their best interests in mind. This is also a great way to build up your community.

#2 Be Consistent - Think of your message as a TV show on a large network. Develop a regular posting schedule and broadcast that as part of your message. "New videos every Sunday", "Look for my next blog post on Thursday", then stick to it! Once your audience realizes that they can depend on you and your brand, they are more likely to subscribe, follow, or like. The ultimate goal is to build trust with your audience, and that starts with them being able to trust and depend on you.

#3 Engagement - You should be commenting, responding and building conversations on all of your media platforms. Your audience follows you because it's you. They like your personality, they dig your style. They want to interact with you and hear from you. As a creator you should be reaching out, building bridges and relationships. Remember, people to business with those who win their trust and brands that they feel comfortable with.

Following these simple, proven and effective tips will have you're brand growing and flourishing. This will help you build up credibility, authority and social points with your target market. We hope that this post serves you well. Now get out there and Live an Inspirational, Influential and meaningful life.

Charles Watson


Expert Influencer Academy.

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