Five Power Tips For Growing Your Facebook Fan Page FAST

Facebook has about 2.3 Billion active users a month

Are you looking to grow your Facebook Fan Page Fast? Here's 5 power tips you can use right now, to make that happen.

#1. Schedule your posts ahead of time. Facebook allows you to schedule posts at different times on your page. Use this as a tool to batch content and make things easier for you.

#2 Keep a few hours between posts. The Facebook Algorithm is programmed to filter post spam. Keep at least an hour between posts. This will allow your content to be digested by the algorithm and will actually aid in your posts reaching a wider audience. On our Florida Con-Artists page we always post on the following schedule: 6:00am, 11:29am, 2:29pm & 5:29pm. This will also make your posts look more organic to your followers. Remember, your goal is to get your audience to engage with your content. Users will un-follow you if they feel like they are being bombarded with spammed posts.

#3 Share Your Posts to Groups – You can share your post to other pages that you might manage or to groups that you belong to. If you are sharing to groups, make sure that the content you share is in alignment with the group your sharing with. An example of this would be that I would not share a cosplay of the day post with my affiliate marketing group. Keeping your content in alignment will increase your chance of potential customers interacting with it.

#4 Native Content – Make sure that you are posting content that keeps users on the platform. The Facebook Algorithm punishes content that drives users away from

Facebook. Mix it up and see what is working best for you. It’s ok to tell people to check out your website or YouTube channel, but you want some pieces of content are are Facebook exclusive.

#5 Build Community - Facebook is an incredible place to start up a conversation with your followers. Conversation builders can lead to tons of interaction and engagement with you and your brand. Ask direct questions, get feedback, ask your followers what they want to see more of. The nature of Facebook is to chat with friends and family, find local events to attend and shares your opinion with the entire world. If you can get your audience to do those things with your brand in mind, you’re sure to build a solid foundation for your brand and future business.

Growing your brand on social media is all about making connections with your audience. You want to add value to their day and not annoy them. Following these simple and proven tips will ensure that your brand sustains long-term, healthy and engaging growth.

Charles Watson, Founder

Expert Influencer Academy

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