How Expert Influencer Academy Helps You in Local Marketing

Having a Google My Business Listing is just the start of your company’s local marketing strategy. To get the maximum benefit of your listing, you’ll want a Google Certified Business expert to make the process easier. Expert Influencer Academy helps you easily manage your Google My Business (GMB) listing and reap the benefits of being active on the platform without the hassle of going back every week to post content, upload pictures, or manage your online reputation. Here’s how we help.

1. Publish relevant and timely GMB posts for sharing information.

Posting regular content and updates on your GMB listing enables your page and company to rank higher on Google’s search results. We post content directly to your Google My Business Listing right from your dashboard to keep your customers updated. This means that you can post offers, announcements, news, and sell your products without having to go to your GMP page. We can even add call-to-actions on your posts that will allow customers to check out your website, your social media pages, call you directly and purchase your products or services directly from Google.

With Expert Influencer Academy we just don’t post once a week and forget about you. We work together to achieve your company’s goals, schedule posts, and go the extra mile by concentrating on your local audience to maximize door swings and grow your bottom line. All of our clients enjoy one of the top three spots on Google’s coveted “near me” Search on both the internet and voice search.

2. Analyze Your Content & Your Customer’s Journey

Expert Influencer Academy provides you with monthly Google My Business analytics and insights including metrics such as reviews, customer actions, views, search performance, number of website visits, number of phone calls, engagement based on your zip code and area of service, and hot keywords for your company.

We do this so that you can analyze your customer’s journey and understand their behavior and actions better. By understanding your customer, you will be available to them at every step, helping them in the decision-making process. We hold monthly strategy sessions with all of our clients to analyze what is working, but more importantly what is not. We call this tracking consumer sentient and it’s a powerful tool in reaching new customers.

3. Compare your Google My Business Listing Performance Against Your Competitors

At Expert Influencer Academy we compare your performance on the Google Search engine with your competition. This strategy allows you to know what you need to do in order to outrank your rivals. It also helps to identify the areas that your business is losing out on so that we can focus on them.

We help discover listing and keyword opportunities that your competitors or other high-authority sites are using that may benefit you and your company.

4. Manage Your Reputation

As mentioned earlier, online reviews are very important and play a vital role in a customer’s decision-making process. Expert Influencer Academy helps you to actively monitor and grow your company’s reputation by tracking and analyzing your Google reviews. This allows you to guide customers to leave reviews and respond quickly and efficiently to let them know they matter to you and your business.


Local marketing is about targeting people in a small geographical location, and Google My Business’s features help you and your business do just that. However, in order to rank in the local 3-pack (top 3 spaces), you need regular engagement, and you must keep optimizing your Google My Business Listing. Working with Expert Influencer Academy makes it easy for you to maintain a consistent presence on Google, helping your business beat competition, drive more traffic, and ultimately make more sales.

Want to learn how we can help you? Just reach out, we would love to hear from you.

Charles Watson, M.B.A. ,T.M.

Digital Content Strategist / Founder


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