How to Choose Your Side Hustle

When it was time for you to search for your current job, I’m sure you had a plan. You thought about the type of work you were interested in and qualified for based on your skills and education. You had a wage or salary range in mind, and probably had some sort of idea on how your job could lead to more career opportunities or shape your career path.

After you figured all that out, you probably searched for job openings, applied, interviewed with companies until finally someone hired you.

The same exact formula applies to your side hustle. In order to be successful you need to identify your sale-able skills, how to make time for your side hustle, and the circumstances that exist in your life that will determine what type of side hustle you chose.

The goal here is to create a strategy that will help you identify some topics of interest and passion that you can turn into your side hustle.

Nearly any work that people do can be turned into a side hustle, whether low-skilled tasks such as running errands and cleaning houses or high-skilled trade and professional services like electrical work, nursing, marketing and accounting.

Your artistic ability, cooking prowess, or fluency in a foreign language call all be turned into an income stream, as can your spare room and bargains you pick up at yard sales. So How do you choose your side hustle? I’ve got three tips I want to share with you now.

#1 Let Your Skills & Interests Guide Your Choices

Take a minute and think about everything you do in a typical day at work and at home. Focus on tasks or activities where you excel or that you especially enjoy. Come up with a list of skills and expertise that you can turn into a side hustle. These skills might align with your education or primary job, but they may just relate to the way you think, a hobby, a household task that you’ve mastered, or your family responsibilities.

Pay attention to what your friends and colleagues admire about you. Do people frequently ask you how you accomplished something? Do people ask for your help on presentations? Do people always complement you on your style? Do they admire you for always having fresh garden grown vegetables and herbs? If so, there is a money-making opportunity there for you to explore.

#2 Match Your Side Hustle to Your Circumstances

For most people, their side hustle contributes a small amount to their household finances. This supplemental income may be essential for helping to cover regular expenses. It may pay for family fun like vacations, or summer camp for the kids, or help fund home renovations, or it may just simply provide a financial cushion. How fast you need money may be a factor in the side hustle you choose.

Some side hustles allow you to work for a few hours a day and get paid immediately however, if your side hustle is selling homemade soaps and lotions, you will have to invest in supplies, time making your products, and then time marketing them before you even see any money coming in. If time is a factor, then certain side hustles may not be for you. Keep your side hustle simple.

Chose a side hustle that allows you to put your education and experience to work immediately. As your side hustle grows, it will allow you to branch out and explore more options.

#3 Use Time-Tested Methods to Find Work

Most freelancers and side hustlers find work through their family, friends or professional colleagues. Every industry has conferences, meet-ups and other gatherings where you can meet people, network, and pitch your side hustle. Even if the people you meet don’t hire you, there is a good chance that they know someone that would benefit from your services.

The important thing is to get out there and make contacts. Most of business is not what you know, but who you know. Social media platforms are also an important source of connections and help to expand your network. Platforms like Facebook offer community-based groups, where members often ask their friends and neighbors to recommend home improvement contractors, tutors, house-cleaners, and a wide variety of other service providers.

LinkedIn is another great platform to connect with other professionals who might be interested or know someone they can refer you to.

In closing, starting a side hustle is all about having clarity and a plan of action. With a clear idea about what you want to do, goals to accomplish, and a strategy to find work, you’re now ready to Side Hustle.

Bonus Tip

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