Making A Commitment To Your Business

Starting a business can be overwhelming, you might find your head spinning as you try to make sense of everything. You aren’t the first to feel this way, and you won’t be the last. Feeling like this is normal.

Don’t be foiled by lack of confidence, resources and motivation. Whether you’re starting your business as a startup, side hustle or full-time venture, successful people commit to certain decisions that help shape them into successful entrepreneurs. The most important thing is to be honest with yourself.

So how can you make a commitment to your business without psyching yourself out before you even start? I’ve got five tips to help you figure it out.

#1 Set Real Expectations

No matter how you start, full-time or part-time, you need to realize that you will be working more than ever before. Everyday is a new opportunity for mastering skills and furthering your entrepreneurial goals. Be honest with your family and loved ones.

Committing to your businesses' success needs to be a priority, and the support of those close to you can mean the difference between achieving your dreams or watching them go up in flames.

#2 Discipline Yourself

Being your own boss means that it will be up to you to set the work schedule and agenda for your new business. Map out your work schedule in the form of weekly and daily tasks. You have to determine when, where and how you’ll work. How will you organize your time?

What other priorities or responsibilities might have to shift in order to accommodate your new business? Having a clear picture will help you stay on task and dedicated to your new company.

#3 Outsource

Tip number three is a little controversial. As an entrepreneur or businesses owner you should know in the ins and outs of your business. You should know how to perform every task that’s needed for you to succeed. Sure, this will mean long hours studying, learning and testing out new strategies.

Once you find the ones that work for your company, you can now outsource those tasks to make things easier for you. Sites like and are great outsourcing sites that you can utilize to take care of tasks that you may be weak in. Not familiar with how to create backlinks to your site? Outsource it, not familiar with SEO strategies? Outsource it. These sites have tons of services available, so check them out.

#4 Set a Realistic Timeline

Timelines can help you stay on target, reach goals, and make you more comfortable about your commitment. Give yourself a timeline so that you can measure progress. Perhaps six months growing your side hustle till it’s time to go full-time? Maybe you want to break even in six to ten months?

There are no right or wrong timelines or decisions here. The timeline should only serve to keep you working towards your goals. Always try to aim a little above what you feel comfortable with. This way, you aim higher and push yourself to achieve more.

#5 Measure and Review

Remember, that which gets measured gets improved. Planning for self-evaluations every six to twelve months is a great way to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Keeping yourself accountable will allow you to make changes to your strategies in real time and save you the aggravation and frustration of failure.

Mark a few dates on your calendar for your own self review. Work with your timeline and set one for six months out. You’ll be surprised what you can discover.

To be successful in business, an entrepreneur needs to prioritize their commitment. They have to be motivated, dedicated and disciplined.

Your success is a direct reflection of your decisions, attitudes, and thought process. If you don’t prioritize your commitment then, you’ll have to set higher goals, make new decisions and dedicate yourself to something bigger than just yourself.

Charles Watson, M.B.A., T.M.

Digital Content Strategist / Founder

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