Manage Your Life with Time Blocking

One of the biggest issues that creatives, influencers and entrepreneurs face is lack of time. Time is our biggest and most limited resource. We have a finite amount of it, and no matter how hard we try to make more or extend it, we’re all capped at the same 24 hours.

Life gets busy, Work, school, little league, at the end of the day our schedules leave us scratching our heads and wonder just where our time went.

One of the most popular statements I hear from my clients is; “I want to do more in my business, create more content, build a community, post more, engage more but, I just don’t have time. So how do you make the most of the 24 hours in your day?

One solution for you could be the mastery of Time Blocking.

Time Blocking is the practice of scheduling out everything in your entire day, including meals, drive times, work, work projects, school, kid activities, family time and personal time in order to better manage time and discover where precious hours are either being wasted or underutilized.

Time Blocking Your Entire Day:

The goal here is to get your entire day mapped out and scheduled into a calendar. Google calendar is a great, free tool for this. The benefits of Time Blocking Management really start to emerge when your entire day from the moment you wake up till you go to bed is scheduled. While this can seem daunting and too constraining to some people, it will help you get more done, so that you have more free time to enjoy and do the things you enjoy.

After all, when you can achieve all the goals and tasks that you have set up in your schedule, you’ll have an incredible sense of accomplishment and lower levels of anxiety and stress at the end of your day.

Block Off Work:

For many, the first thing you are going to want to block off is the time you spend at your work. Doing this will give you a clearer picture of when you’ll be able to fit in creative time, meetings, projects and personal time.

Your work day is the time in the day that you spend at your desk, exclude your commute time and your lunch break. For most people this usually means blocking out an eight- or nine-hour amount of time per day. Example Monday – Friday 8:00-5:00 pm or 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, (Minus lunch).

30 minute or hour lunch breaks can be blocked for other things like, getting homework done, listening to a podcast or working on micro content for your business.

Commute time can be spent learning more about your craft. Apps like audible, Pod bean, I heart radio are all great for listening to audiobooks and podcasts about marketing, business or learning more about your niche.

You’ll be amazed at how your library of Mentors, resources and ideas builds up over time.

Block Off Creative Time

Now that you have your main 40 hour a week job blocked; we can find white space in the rest of your schedule. Start filling in times for working on your side hustle or business. Most successful entrepreneurs and creators will tell you that a huge part of their success is waking up early. CEOs like Elon Musk (who sleeps in till 7:00 am) and Richard Branson wake up as early as 5:00 am to start their day.

You can use these extra hours to produce and curate content for all your social media platforms. Schedule posts throughout the day and you’ll be posting and working on your brand consistently.

Another smart use of the early hours blocks of time, use it to build your community. Respond to emails, comments on your videos and private messages.

Engage your prospects, clients and customers. This is how you build a following and brand recognition. You can apply the same blocks of time for the evening hours as well.

If you work till 5:00 pm get home at 6:00 pm You can block out till 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm for things like making fresh and engaging long form content. Things like YouTube videos, LIVE videos, and training courses are all types of long form content.

Block Off Personal Time

Besides your work day and creative time it’s also important to block off your personal time. If you don’t do something specific every week, then just block it off as “personal time”.

If you choose though, you can break it down even further into what you do every evening after work. Most people walk their dogs, cook dinner, do laundry, workout, and spend time with their loved ones.

Try to block out the time you spend watching TV or browsing social media. The National Sleep Foundation shows that those who disengage from electronic devices at least 30 minutes before “bedtime” get more rest and sound sleep than those who don’t.

If you are finding yourself short on time in the evening hours, then remember that some personal tasks like working out, watching the news etc. can be moved to the A. M. block of time, before work.

Time Blocking may seem like it’s a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s a very popular time management strategy. It gives you a lot of freedom and understanding for how your spending your precious 24 hours.

You can then use that data and adjust your daily schedule. By doing so you’ll notice an increase in productivity, quality of personal time, and a reduction of stress and anxiety in your life.

Charles Watson - MBA

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