Social Media Marketing For Small Business

These days a successful Social Media Marketing Strategy is crucial to the survival of small businesses. Yet, despite this very simple, yet true statement, many businesses of all sizes fail to use this tool to it's full potential. Gone are the days of farming followers, likes and shares. Today's savvy consumer has evolved and, as a Small Business or Brand, it is imperative that you evolve with your audience. Today your target prospect is looking for more. They are looking for emotional connections, they are looking to have their immediate needs met, they want to know that your product or services have their back. In short, your prospects want to be guided through the entire process. Realizing that you are not the hero in your businesses' story is a great way to set yourself up for Social Media Success. So how do you turn your marketing to be more "consumer" friendly?

We've got three tips to help you out.

Build a Community Around Your Products / Services.

Get involved in your Social Media Platforms. Your audience wants to engage with you directly. The best way to accomplish this is to get involved in conversations that are happening around products, topics, and trends in your niche. Start open ended conversations on Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter. These platforms allow you to communicate directly with your target market. Provide meaningful solutions and ask questions. You'll be surprised at how easily your audience will tell you what they need and are willing to buy. Once you have that information, it's as simple as creating those products to fill those needs.

Focus on Relevant Platforms:

These days it really seems like everyone has an account on any given social platform available to the human race. Your goal as a Small Business Owner / Brand is to research and find out what platforms your target audience is using.

If you are more "commercial" or "business" focused, then Linked-In might be a good platform to use. If you're an artist, fashion brand or beauty brand, then Instagram or Pint-rest might be the go to platforms. Your goal here is to pick the top three social platforms that your audience uses and start producing relevant content to that market.

Being where your audience is will increase the chance that they discover you and your products or advice.

Go Live!

Most all social media platforms today contain a live feature. This allows you immediate and constant contact with your customers. Going live is a great way to spread your message, gain insight and build strong relationships. Remember, people buy from brands and products that they trust. More and more today small businesses are using the live feature to hold auctions, run contests and hype up their audience about the latest and greatest product they are launching. Going live is an incredibly powerful tool and most businesses or brands are just simply not using it. Going live on a consistent bases will give you a huge edge on your competition. Remember the first word in social media, "Social". Get out there and be social!

Social media has changed a lot over the years. Implementing these simple strategies will ensure that you are pro-active in your business or brand. In time you will be regarded among your audience as a business that is caring, compassionate and empathetic to your client's needs.

Charles Watson

Founder - Expert Influencer Academy

Article written in-part with inspiration from

10 Social-Media Marketing Strategies for Companies - Entrepreneur Magazine

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