Stuck In a Rut? Examine Your Values

We have all experienced a rut at some point in our lives. Whether that rut was created by a bad relationship, a dead end job that you just can't afford to leave. Some people can recognize it, and they sacrifice to break out. For others though, getting out of a rut isn't so easy. The reasons they remain stuck though are usually painfully obvious to those who have escaped it. They gave up.

They have accepted their lot in life and project blame onto others. Those stuck in a rut have not yet realized that that if they want to progress forward, they have to push. They have to push those obstacles and mental blocks to find a way out. They have to push their dreams forward. One of the biggest ways to push forward is to step back and examine your values.

Most people in today's busy life make the mistake of setting narrow minded goals.

They tend to focus on things that they want to have; however, they forget to include things they want to give, share, experience, and most-importantly, become.

If you want to become the "new you" and break out of that rut and get to that next level, whatever that means in your life, a great way to start is by examining your values.

What do you value? What drives you? What keeps you going?

The easiest way to determine this is to come up with a list of 10-15 words that accurately represent what you seek to accomplish and what you seek to be. These should be meaningful words, like generous, loyal, compassionate, empathetic, loving, joyful, winner, leader, thought provoker. If you need some assistance with this exercise, Carnegie Mellon University has a great values exercise you can check out.

Don't kill yourself trying to come up with 15 words. Just jot down the first words that come to mind. Usually your instinct or first thought is the real, raw, uncensored you.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of your core values, it's a little easier.

A powerful way to break out of your rut is to now begin to focus on those words and think about the answer to these questions. Am I the same person that I was a year ago? Am I better or worse off? If I want to become better, what goals will I have to achieve?

Identify your goals, study them, focus on them, and make sure you carve out the time needed to fully invest in them. Seek out resources, mentors, books whatever you can to help you achieve those goals and take on the characteristics of your list. The bottom line is this. If you're not investing your money or your time to make yourself better, You'll always be stuck in a rut.

So today, ask yourself this. Am I really clear about my values? Have I set clear, achievable goals? Finally am I really investing both the hours and the dollars it takes to break free? Work to fulfill your values, and you'll get there.

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