The Cons of Working from Home

Like most of you reading this, my significant other and I are working from home. Our work life now mainly consists of phone calls, zoom calls, and take-out calls. As this reality becomes the new “normal” it’s easy to get distracted and loose motivation. For that reason, I’ve compiled a list of four potential cons of working from home, and how to avoid them. Use these to stay focused, mentally healthy, and on track.

You need a lot of self-discipline - Getting up and focusing on work every day when you are in your home environment takes a great deal of self-discipline and motivation.

Start your workday day at a specific time and end at a specific time. If your used to working in an office, keep your morning alarm and work hours exactly the same. Take your lunch break at your scheduled time, take your breaks at the same time and set a five minute “end of day” alarm, that will allow you to start wrapping up your day, so you can clock out.

It can be lonely - Working all day without access to coworkers and colleagues can be very isolating and lonely.

Avoid feeling isolated by interacting virtually with your office mates. Post funny things on work chat rooms, take virtual coffee breaks over video platforms like Zoom, or start a social group on a social media platform like Facebook Groups. We tend to be social creatures, make sure you stay connected.

You lose living space - Creating a home office or work-space can use up living space in your home.

Separate your home office from the rest of your house. This will allow you to get into the “work mindset” and allow you to walk away at the end of the day. Designate a spare room, your kitchen table, or bar space as your office. When the day is done, turn everything off and go spend time with family or pets.

Lack of Physical Activity - Working from home and sitting all day leads to over snacking and lack of physical activity.

Exercise promotes endorphins, which help combat sluggishness. Go for a walk, take an online fitness class, meditate, and stretch. Keeping active is important, make sure you set aside time for activity, just like you do for work meetings.

Recognizing these four cons of working from home will allow you to strategically plan your day, your workflow and hopefully keep you sane in these trying times.

Stay safe, go forth, and be awesome.

Charles Watson, M.B.A. ,T.M. Digital Content Strategist / Founder

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