The Ultimate Side Hustle

Today, the economy is changing. Everyday more people decide to grab their financial future by the reigns and dive into a side-hustle. In what has been called the “gig economy”, thousands of everyday, ordinary people, like you and me are augmenting their incomes with side hustles.

In 2018 78 million people in the United States admit to earning some form of financial gain through a side hustle. Every day, they are supplementing their regular paycheck with work that ranges from traditional gigs such as babysitting and selling crafts to ridesharing and renting out their house through an app. Maybe you’ve never done it before, but maybe you’ve thought about starting up a side hustle. Maybe teaching part time at a collage? Starting a dog walking service? Snow removal service in the winter months? There is NO limit to your potential. All you need for it to work is passion.

The side hustle is not a new phenomenon, thanks to the internet the room and opportunity for growth is limitless. People are earning extra money by working for themselves rather than from a part-time job or with other employers. It’s projected that within the next decade, the majority of US adults could be bringing in at least some of their income from self-employment, up from a third of those who do so today.

Whatever the reason for your side hustle, this new series “The Ultimate Side Hustle” based on the book “The Ultimate Side Hustle Book” by Elana Varon can help you get started. Whether you are a student, a stay-at-home parent, an office or shift worker, or a retiree, there are opportunities for you to get started. This series will provide you with all the information you need to help you choose a side hustle that works for you, depending on your experience, your goals, and your financial needs.

In this series we will share advice on how to succeed as a modern side hustler, including identifying the skills and abilities you can put to work, how to define your goals, how to look for side jobs, and how to stay organized.

Each side hustle discussed will reveal what skills and experience is needed, what special equipment is needed, what pay range you can expect, what’s involved, and how to find leads.

My goal for this series is to ignite a passion and motivate you to go out, discover your talents and passions, so that you can it into work and help you build a successful and solid financial future.

Make sure you grab a copy of the ultimate side hustle book, by Elana Varon, you can find it here:

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