The You Economy

The "You Economy" or Solopreneurship is the business model that 1.5 million "experts" are currently using to make a living, and there is no better time for you to jump in then now! Former career-focused employees are taking their financial futures into their own hands and finding opportunities in topics that they are familiar with and are passionate about sharing. Sometimes referred to as the expert economy, these type of career paths focus on training, coaching and consulting businesses and entrepreneurs.

According to "E-commerce is expected to become the largest retail channel in the world by 2021." With projections of outlets like supermarkets, independent grocers, apparel and footwear, beauty products and others leading the way.

This leads you to a perfect opportunity to get yourself in position to capitalize.

Consumers will need information to drive their purchasing decisions and that means incredible opportunity for you!

Thousands of people are making part-time, full-time and hustle-time income providing their information on products, services and companies, you could be to. What does it take? Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Technology - Everyone is an Influencer. The phone in your pocket means that you, along with everyone else, can now directly broadcast your message directly to a target audience using social media. Share your insights and expertise, product reviews, information about the cleaning products you sell, food you eat, clothes you wear, car you drive, it truly is endless.

There is a market for EVERY NICHE. Online course hosting platforms, subscription apps, message bots, automated e-mails, and social media provide experts with the means to market and make sales.

Outsourcing & Freelancing - Large companies and small businesses alike are all recognizing that in order to stay competitive in today's market they must fill the constant need for ongoing growth and skill enhancements. They landscape changes at such a quick pace that, failing to implement "continual learning" will almost certainly mean the slow and painful death of your company or brand.

Rather than relying on in-house talent to provide training and mentor-ship, many are turning to outside experts and consultants to provide these services. Set yourself up right, and you'll be in great shape to take advantage and move up.

"Per a May 2018 report by Civic, there are now 1.5 million experts helping companies with their knowledge and expertise. That’s virtually the same number of U.S. drivers for Uber and Lyft combined." (Source:

There has never been a better time to be a coach, consultant, mentor or other type of information expert. The You Economy is rising, and you could be there to ride the wave up.

If you're planning on entering the You Economy it will be essential that you have a strategy in place. Could you just "wing it" and start posting a bunch of live videos on Facebook and YouTube? Sure, you might grab some people's attention. However, if you create a strategy that details who your target market is, how you will reach them, and how to monetize your message you could (and will) start to make an actual living off of what you're building.

Here are a few key strategies to consider to get you started.

*Develop a business or personal brand.

Find your area of expertise / Niche that you want to serve.

(the more narrow and specific your audience, the better)

*Develop personal skills and self-confidence.

As an expert, you'll have to be comfortable speaking and engaging with fans, clients and business owners.


As an Expert you will need to develop partnerships with other influencers, brands and companies. This is one of the quickest ways to get noticed.

*Continual Learning.

Experts and Consultants are always learning. Be the student first, implement what you learn into your own business and then share those tactics with your clients.

*Evergreen Content

The goal of an Expert Influencer is to produce content that is evergreen. Meaning, you create your content ONCE and then it lives out on the Internet and it works to spread your message and make you money 24/7 - 365.

So, are you ready to start building your legacy and carve your path into the You Economy? Make a plan, set yourself apart. When you get all of the pieces into place you'll be able to share your skills and wisdom with others and make a living doing whtat you love.


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