Three SEO Trends to Follow in 2019

No matter what sort of online presence you have, you must stay visible to your prospects, leads, and customers. The best way to accomplish this is to continually work on the optimization of your website and social media content. Knowing how to recognize and implement trends will keep you visible in the Search Engine Results Pages. Here are three SEO trends to follow in 2019.

#1 Mobile FIRST

The world is on the GO! Your content should be also. A recent report released by statista clearly shows that in 2018 52.2% of all global web pages served to end users were on mobile phones. This number has continued to rise since the year 2009 and there is no slowing down. In March of 2018 Google, after a year and half of careful experimentation and testing decided to roll out "Mobile-First Indexing".

According to Google "Mobile-first indexing means that we'll use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking, to better help our – primarily mobile – users find what they're looking for."

What does all of this mean? Basically, you need to ensure that the mobile version of your website is as good, user-friendly, and content rich as your desktop site. Most web hosting services like Wix & Go Daddy have integrated, easy to use mobile editors.

#2 Voice Search

There was no clearer revolution in 2018 then the rise of Cortana, Bixby, Alice, Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. We are living in the midst of a paradigm shift and that shift is the transition from typing keywords into search engines, to talking to digital services.

Granted, it will not happen overnight however, the process has already started and it will soon have a significant and profound impact on digital marketing and SEO. Speaking search words and typing search words are two completely different ways of searching for information and you're going to need both!

ComScore, a third-party source for reliable measurement of cross-platform audiences, reports that by 2020 more than half of all searches will be voice based. Gone are the days of being limited to typing queries and questions into browsers and being served a long list of choices.

A great way to optimize for this is to take full advantage of localization services offered by most websites and social media sites. You've got a great opportunity to capitalize on the "near me", "to buy", "tonight" search combinations. Be SEO friendly to your local market.

#3 Quality & Engaging Content

We here at Expert Influencer Academy have long preached about the necessity of creating quality and engaging content.

Go to Google Trends right now and type in the topic related to your target market or niche. This will give you a treasure trove of information.

Maps will show you where in the Country your topic is trending, Related topics and sites that are optimized, as well as related search queries that real users are using online now.

In today's world users want informative and engaging content. They are actively searching for answers to their problems. Your Job as a small business or brand is to make sure that you are providing content that HELPS your target audience.

Solve problems, get into the conversations taking place, provide REAL value.

Search engines are getting smarter every year. They don't focus on primitive criteria anymore. Engines and algorithms are looking for the best results for their users based on context and user experience.

When it comes to creating good content there should be no shortcuts. Invest your time wisely in research, engage and compel your audience. Let them be able to see and appreciate all of your hard work. Prove to them that you really care and they will comeback or even praise you and your brand on their social media platforms.

Following these trends in 2019 will produce great results for your small business or brand this year. It's important that you be clear and honest with yourself and your business.

Understand what you want to accomplish. Establish your goals and define the platforms you want to use to achieve them. Concentrate on your top three platforms and apply these strategies. Doing so, will put you ahead of the competition.

Here's to a great year!

Charles Watson


Expert Influencer Academy

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