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This is probably my best and most clear video in my Expert Influencer Academy series EVER! I know there's a lot of confusion about building a real business and what to do to get your message out there. So I broke down all it's complexity so that you will know what to do this year! I talk about how to define your story, master your topic, pick your audience and much more! 

NOTHING for sale here, just great content and training for you.

Watch my new video "How to Build a Business Online - 10 Steps to an Expert Empire"

How to Build a Business Online - 10 Steps to an Expert Empire How to build a business online - 10 steps to an expert empire. Check out more tips **All reference material and inspiration can be found here: **For more tips and our FREE GUIDE visit: OUR E-BOOK IS NOW LIVE ON AMAZON: Social Media Checklist: Effectively Build Your Brand on Social Media.

I hope you enjoy, comment and spread the word. (We welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you!)

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